Aiptasia Control

One of the most common problems affecting captive reef systems is the proliferation of anemones of the genus Aiptasia. These anemones are very hearty and employ pedal laceration, a strategy in which small daughter clones separate from the foot of the mother animal, to reproduce extremely quickly. Attempts to remove or kill the anemones are seldom successful, as each animal removed leaves a ring of daughter anemones behind.

Berghia Nudibranchs are reef safe and the most effective way to rid your system of troublesome Aiptasia. Aiptasia are the only thing on their diet, so you don't have to worry about starving your tank to get them to eat it like other Aiptasia eating species. Berghia also do not leave the daughter anemones behind. They will be brownish in color if they are eating and white if they are having trouble finding Aiptasia to eat.

Because it depends on the size of the break out and the size of your system how many Berghia you will need, please give us a call or send an email for our recommended quantity of Berghia you will need for your situation.

All of our Berghia are raised here at Inland Aquatics.  We were one of the first commercial producers and we have had them in production for well over a decade.

PLEASE NOTE: Although Berghia larvae are capable of migrating from one part of your system to another; generally speaking, biological controls are only effective in the body of water they are placed into. Therefore, the aquarist must assume responsibility for insuring that overflow boxes, sumps, refugia, etc. are clean of Aiptasia. Otherwise, these Aiptasia will continually reseed your reef.

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Breeder Berghia Nudibranch (Tank Raised)

Breeder Berghia Nudibranch (Tank Raised)

Scientific Name: Berghia verrucicornis ..


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