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Inland Aquatics

Who We Are

Inland Aquatics is a locally owned and operated mariculture facility located in Terre Haute, Indiana. At Inland Aquatics we have over 35,000 gallons of salt water dedicated to the propagation, rearing, and holding of ornamental marine fish, hard and soft corals, live rock, live sand, and a variety of marine plants and invertebrates. We utilize Bio-concepts and the latest Eco-technology at our mariculture facility. These techniques allow us to not only stimulate a coral reef ecosystem but also to manipulate the developed ecosystem which enhances our efforts for propagation of various species. Algal Turf Scrubber technology was selected because of its efficiency in maintaining stable water qualify parameters, reduced nitrate loads, and high dissolved oxygen levels. Inland Aquatics is located in a 13,000 square foot facility located on the banks of the Wabash River. Our facility is divided into retail/wholesale store, sterile breeding/food stock laboratory, classroom, a work shop used to create new and adapt existing mariculture/aquarium hardware, and the field station used for breeding propagation and holding our wildlife.

Why Inland Aquatics is different

We offer the healthiest animals in the industry. As we discovered nearly two decades ago, many marine species suffer from Post Traumatic Shipping Disorder. Affected specimens may look and behave normally for days or even weeks before dying mysteriously, leaving the aquarist to erroneously question why they failed. With extremely few exceptions, we hold all of our marine fishes for two to six weeks, depending on species, before offering them for sale in either of our retail stores. We also offer marine ornamentals in their natural social structures. We have been offering fishes in their natural social structure for over 20 years.

By focusing on responsible reef keeping practices, we protect our natural resources AND our customer's finances. It doesn't take long to learn that cheap aquarium livestock is no bargain. One spur of the moment purchase often results in countless lost dollars and hours of frustration for the aquarist. Especially, traditional systems often fall prey to the domino effect that a single diseased fish can precipitate.

Inland Aquatics pioneered efforts to combat Post Traumatic Shipping Disorder in ornamental marine species and we work with suppliers who share our focus. By promoting Tank Raised, Larval Collected, and Sustainably Harvested AND Acclimated stock, we are protecting the future of the hobby and the success of hobbyists.