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Inland Advice

Have you noticed that every aquarium hobbyist, dealer, book, magazine article, and "guru" has a unique opinion about every aspect of successful aquarium keeping? Have you been confused, frustrated and generally dissatisfied as a result???

Hold on! This hobby Isn't as confusing or difficult as it often appears to a new person searching for answers.

Success is as easy as one, two, three...

Quick Steps to Guaranteed Success As A New Reef (or other) Aquarist:

  1. Find a hobbyist, dealer or guru that demonstrates consistent, long term success. Choose carefully. This person, and the rapport you establish with him/her, will greatly affect the likelihood of your becoming a successful aquarium hobbyist.
  2. Listen to this mentor, ignoring the conflicting opinions of others, until you can confidently diagnose typical aquarium situations and the appropriate course of action, as your mentor would. Do not proceed to #3 until you also clearly understand exactly WHY s/he does what s/he does. (I'm not suggesting that you don't read everything you can get your hands on..... However, you should try to focus on animal biology/husbandry and not aquarium philosophy.)
  3. Once you have completed step #2, but never before, begin to pay close attention to other SUCCESSFUL paradigms practiced in the hobby. You will now have at your command the basic understanding of reef keeping required to successfully experiment. Before long, you will develop your OWN successful approach to reef keeping.

Another Important Note:

Books and magazine articles are great resources. Unfortunately, there's as much bad/outdated information as there is good. New hobbyists should look to their mentor to help sort through it all!!!